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Welcome to POLNET 2006

The 6th POLNET International Summer School on the Analysis of Political and Managerial Networks will take place atUniversity of Konstanz,Germany, July 30 - August 4, 2006.
The seminar is a basic introduction to social network analysis. It is intended for MA and PhD students as well as researchers interested in theoretically drivenempirical research on networks in the social sciences. The aim of the Summer School is to introduce scholars to the analysis of networks who are conducting or planning to conduct quantitative studiesof networks in the fields of policy, management and organisational science.By using a concrete data set of relationships among a set of actors, the Summer School will introduceUCINET and visone as methodological tools for analysing these data and students will be using a slim computer desk during the module.

pdf versionParticipation fee: 300 EUR
Application deadline: May 1, 2006 (35 participants max.)
Participants from Central and Eastern European countries may qualify for financial support.
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